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Waterjet Cutting

How it works.

Our waterjet utilizes a hydraulic intensifier pump to send a narrow stream of water through an orifice as small .003" at a pressure of up to 94,000psi, cutting a very narrow line in the stock material. To cut thicker, harder materials, a granular abrasive is added to the water stream, increasing its cutting power. Because the abrasive is added at the nozzle, it is simple to switch between water only and abrasive waterjet cutting, allowing for much greater versatitlity in cut finish, speed, and material types. 


Heatless Cutting: Allows for the ability to cut heat-sensitive materials, cuts with no heat distortion, no heat-induced stressing, and no toxic fumes.


Accurate Cutting: Accuracy of 0.005" with a repeatability of 0.001". Our machine is equipped with a Dynamic Head, eleminating cut taper on the finished piece.


Environmentally Friendly: No toxic materials, superior nesting greatly reduces the amount of useless drop pieces.


No Secondary Finishing: With water pressure, material feed rate, abrasive particle size, and cut speed all adjustable, we can very easily eliminate the need for secondary operations, reducing machining time and production costs.



What we can cut.

With the biggest cutting table on the peninsula, and the ability to perform abrasive or water-only cutting, the types of material that can be cut are virtually limitless:


Mild Steel

Stainless Steel









Carbon Fiber

Laminated Materials

Flammable Materials


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